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Ceramic Car Wax

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Luxury Ceramic Car Wax

  • A unique blend of Carnauba & Ceramic 
  • 200ml & 50ml 
  • 8+ Months Longevity 
  • Natural Oils 
  • Natural Waxes
  • Show Car Gloss With Insane Protection
  • Ease of Application 
  • Great Longevity & Beading 

The Story 

Valency is a new blend and our first containing SiO2, we have been wanting to release a ceramic-based car wax for some months, however, we wanted this to stay true to Mitchell and King's values of high-quality ingredients and focus heavily on the types of waxes and natural ingredients which we known for. 

The Blend

Valency is a blend of natural waxes and high-quality SiO2, as well as luxurious natural oils. With the addition of natural oils it further boosts the look of Valency from a super glassy finish with a nod to a traditional warm Carnauba finish. 

This ceramic car wax is insanely hydrophobic and offers exceptionally good longevity. The first time I applied Valency it rained shortly after and I was amazed by the water just sheeting off, even at low speeds. 

Is this the perfect wax?

With Valency, it really is a perfectly balanced wax, with great looks, superbly easy to use and insane longevity. We look forward to seeing your finished paintwork.



Customer Reviews

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Valency is the bees knees

Genuinely a lovely wax to apply and remove with outstanding finish, the beading is like nothing else and makes the paint look really glossy. Would recommended this product to all my car friends and have even recently applied this to family member brand new mercedes CLA to which it have a better finish than factory!


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