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Super Reflective Finish

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Trossachs is the gateway to discovering a world of car wax you have wished for;

We love giving you waxes which don't sacrifice on their abundantly luxurious ingredients. Trossachs marks our move to The National Park and draws from our local environment.

Trossachs is a beautiful area within Scotland, decorated with braes and burns, lochs and lush green lands - like something from a Hollywood Movie, except more striking.

We are also sure that most movie sets wouldn't be able to equal the rainfall which we can experience in just a few hours !

Trossachs car wax from Mitchell and King is the perfect treat for your car in what many have become accustomed to calling a "British Summer".

car wax trossachs review

Throughout the seasons your vehicle’s paintwork can be subject to a huge rigmarole of climatic change which can take its toll. Trossachs is blended to deliver the ideal amount of nourishment and protection for the year round protection.

We include ingredients which assist to restore the skin of your cars paint, nourishing the finish and resulting in a highly glossy and reflective paint. Trossachs really brings out your vehicle’s natural colour, it protects from the heat, the constant expansion and contraction in the summer sun while displaying a glossy protection that is ideal for the open road.

You would own Trossachs if you wish a glossy finish, great wet reflections and enough staying power to stave off most daily driver responsibilities.

Each Trossachs wax is hand made in our studio by our own fair hands.

If you need help with choosing your next wax you can telephone 01877 365 005 and we can help you on your way to building a bond with your car.

Delivered in high quality packaging, the easy to use product includes a generous amount to ensure this wax lasts for multiple seasons, not just a single year. Available in two sizes, this will quickly become a staple of your classic or modern car care kit. Simply select your size and add to our cart, you don't need to register an account and we have multiple secure ways to pay for your new wax.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nobody does it better.

Ordered the Carmen Touring Kit, it was delivered quickly without any problems. The service was excellent, one of the main reasons I keep coming back, had a small issue with the checkout but John resolved it immediately.
Top guy is John!

The wax smells lovely and and I love the flight case!
An added bonus is that with my flight case and black Audi, my neighbours now think I'm an assassin

Excellent shine

I found time to apply this to my wife's car this weekend. It's really easy to use, the trick is to get a nice thin coat - once it's cured it's a simple task to buff off the cured wax to leave an amazingly glossy finish, (think looking in a mirror it was that good) without looking cold like a sealant can. Just a lovely wax to use and a properly good looking finish.
In typically Scottish fashion, it promptly rained an hour later which was really annoying, but meant I got to check out some excellent beading.

Very nice glossy wax

I managed to get one of the last 200ml's of this wax and im glad i did. Gave the car a good clean and a going over with Pure pre wax cleaner before applying the wax. The gloss it left behind was amazing. The reflection from the car was like a mirror. I never knew silver paint could look so good. A great wax to own.


This is the first product I have used from Mitchell and King and I am impressed. The wax is very easy to apply and, when given sufficient time to cure, also easy to buff off. I applied a couple of thin coats just over two months ago and it is clearly still giving very good protection. Beads and sheets water off very efficiently and has a deep lustrous shine.


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