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"The wax did a good job achieving reflection shots on flat panels, looked glossy on the curves and made the body panels look deep and rich." Goodylax (Detailing World)

Octane Car Wax


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  • A Solid Glimpse At Our Luxury Waxes
  • Only 10 Available Per Year
  • Individually Signed & Dated
  • Label Personalised With Your Name
  • British Racing Green Jar
  • Fresh Citrus Fragrance
  • 4 Months+ Longevity
  • Exceptionally Luxurious

Octane is a stunning accolade to our blending capability, easy to apply, super glossy finish and reflections which are superb. 

Originally blended for Octane Magazine, this wax is now part of our Heritage range- something which takes a great deal of time and consistency. 

When you own Octane, you know you have something special. The feel of the wax as it effortlessly glides across the paintwork. Octane feels silky smooth in application and you will instantly notice a difference with application- it is a very special wax indeed. 

Octane, like our other waxes, has endured a huge reduction in petrochemical ingredients. Instead, we have utilised active ingredients. By this, we mean, every ingredient has an active role in both final aesthetics and application. Each and every oil increases the aesthetic characteristics of Octane and every wax improves both longevity and aesthetics. 

Octane is a wax which we specifically blended for the readers of Octane magazine. Octane is strictly limited to 10 creations.

Octane is blended for users who wish to experience a high-quality blend which is exceptionally easy to use and provides a glossy finish for all paintwork types.

This car wax can offer up to 3 months safe protection from airborne pollutants and comes complete with a personalised label featuring your name.

USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Use a microfiber applicator which is safe for paint. 

Collections: Big Summer Sale, Car Wax

Type: car wax


Customer Reviews

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One of the very best

I bought Octane as a try out wax,i wasnt ready for this kind of a treat.
The application:its super easy,maybe the easiest application of many waxes i worked before,you can go over the whole car and then buff.
Its an oily wax,i love it,its really pop out the flake out of the paint,it looks very glossy but warm.
Im very impressed from this wax.


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