Summer Wax

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Natural Summer Car Wax

  • Warm Carnauba Shine
  • Great For Showcars & Daily Drivers Alike
  • 3 Months + Durability 
  • 52% T1 (Best Quality Carnauba)
  • 100% Natural Waxes & Oils 
  • New front and rear instructional labels
  • Luxury Fragrance
  • 200ml Jar Gives c52 coats on a 5dr Golf
  • Complimentary 450 Edgeless Cloth & Applicator Pad 

Crema -The Story

Obsessed with achieving the best Summer wax, Crema is a detailer's best friend, the long warm days and nights provide a perfect environment to spend time perfecting and protecting your car.

Crema is the essence of a Carnauba wax, and this has allowed us to really demonstrate a dripping wet, warm glow that is unique to the T1 Carnauba Wax which is imported from the tropical shores of Brazil.

I've used a collection of natural oils for this wax, some enhance the warmth of the Carnauba and some of them enhance the really wet finish, just perfect.

Crema gets its name from the intensely rich blend and exceptionally easy to spread nature. This is a wax, no matter what you already own - will find pride of place. 

The Blend

After testing a variety of oils and wax combinations we narrowed the selection to a combination of natural oils and waxes that will give you the best possible warm glow.

Our inventory contains some 162 oils and more than 18 different types of waxes, this ensures that we can always make a unique blend due to the variety of ingredients available. 

With so many oil and wax combinations available, it's difficult not to get carried away! However, we have tested every oil individually and have a comprehensive review system to ensure we get the absolute best result. 

Crema is the perfect wax for both beginners and 

The Summary

Wolf is one of our newest Marque waxes and we only blend 15 of them per year. Each wax has a personalised label with your name as well as the brand new labelling. Wolf will be easy to apply, with a nice easy to spread texture and it offers you sublime Gloss, superb Clarity & great Longevity! 

 Application & Tips 

Less is more...

Spritz microfibre pad with QD to ensure pad isn't dry, apply wax to 1/3 of the pad, do not saturate pad. 

Apply to whole car with microfibre applicator pad (you will receive One with your order) 

Leave to cure for at least 30 minutes 

Apply Two layers if possible to enhance effects

Boost longevity and gloss with Wax+ 


Please email or telephone 01877 365 005 and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. 


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