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Christmas 2018 edition is live! 

  • 200ml Limited Edition, Only 5 Available
  • Glossy
  • Sharp Reflections
  • Great On Metallic Too
  • 50% T1 
  • Hybridised 

- Use code 25 for 25% off. 

The Year's Christmas Wax

This year we have been working hard as last years wax was so good and we sold out much faster than we thought! 

Great Aesthetics

When blending this wax, we had a solid brief and worked closely with high-quality ingredients, teaming them with modern counterparts to further boost their qualities. 

Christmas '18 has a superb Glossy finish due to the specific ingredients which we handpicked from our blending book. With this in mind, we wanted super sharp reflections so that your car looks its absolute best. The wax benefits from looking great on both Metallic paint and Non-Metallic, this is because we have a high gloss finish and a good clarity. 


A winter wax always has to have a better longevity than a summer show wax, however, we have now managed to engineer waxes which have great longevity and aesthetics- gone are the days of trading off looks for longevity with a Mitchell and King wax. A comfortable longevity of 6 - 8 months depending on yearly mileage and storage.

100% Bespoke Fragrance & 50% T1

When blending this wax, the fragrance is important due to the association. We blended a fragrance which is our most emotive ever. Blending an earthy log fire with spicy mince pies and topping it off with an opulent chocolate sprinkle- this process is more akin to fragrance houses.

Christmas '18 is blended with 50% T1 Carnauba, the best quality Carnauba wax available- we've also used a wealth of luxurious oils to ensure the best finish. 

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