Car Wax For Silver Cars

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Car Wax For Silver Cars

Mercury, Silver Car Wax, Silver Paint Car Wax

Get the finish you've always wanted. The clarity you need but the warmth of a car wax.


  • 200ml & 50ml Sizes Available
  • 50ml gives c12 applications
  • 200ml gives c48 applications
  • 3-5 months protection
  • Improves The Visibility Of Metallic Flake
  • Super Wet Gloss
  • Make Flake Look As If It's Standing On End
  • Sublime Application, The Easiest Yet
  • You Can Apply To A Whole Car Or Remove As You Work
  • The Warmth of a Wax & Increased Clarity
  • Complimentary Microfibre Applicator Pad
  • Made In The United Kingdom

Our Best Car Wax For Silver Paint

Welcome to Mercury, this is our best-suited wax for light metallic paint systems. 

The wax you see just now has gone through a long development period, to ensure that you get the best clarity, essentially the best option of seeing the metallic flake on your paint. 

Provides A Flawless Finish With Lots Of POP!

Typically, Silver paint has two characteristics which makes it more of a challenge to create a natural wax, it is very light and reflective and the metallic flake can reduce the depth. 

We have kept these points in mind when developing Mercury and think you will be bowled over by the results. 

Carefull Made In House, Small Volumes & Attentive Quality Control

We know that your car is very important to you, as it is to ourselves, we wanted to blend a car wax which was worthy to be used on your car.

We are always delighted to hear from new or existing clients. You can contact Mitchell and King on 01877 365 005 or you can simply email too.

We ship world-wide and use trusted couriers to deliver your item safely. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will receive an M&K welcome pack when you spend over £100.00, this includes an M&K mug, a 15ml sample of wax, a 50ml liquid sample and tunnochs biscuit.

  1. Spritz Microfibre applicator with Quick Detailer

  2. Apply wax to 1/4 of one side of microfibre pad only

  3. Apply thin layers and either work a panel at a time, or apply to the whole car.

  4. Take a deep pile Microfibre 800 gsm and sprtiz with Quick Detailer

  5. Gently buff the cured wax 

Order yours today, we ship around the world and the turnaround is fast.


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Fantastic wax for silver car easy to apply and wipe off . Depth of shine on silver looks amazing

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