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Car Wax Samples

The Mitchell and King car wax sample collection boasts an array of sample car wax products for you to use for a variety of solutions on your prized possession. We’ve brought together our very best car waxes in miniature so you can try the different finishes, becoming familiar with our elite range of sought after car waxes.

A pleasure to use alone, many of our esteemed clients prefer a collection of Mitchell and king sample car waxes, in order to keep the best products close by for their own car collections. As each superior wax focuses on a different characteristic of your car, you can choose sample wax for every day of the week.

From our car wax that delivers incredible results for a classic vehicle, to our wax for the more modern car, to our wax that protects through the winter months and protects from the harsh environments. Every wax is created with the same ethos of excellence in mind, along with a view for longevity, as it protects, nourishes and adapts to the British seasons.

Whether you need a high gloss finish or nourishment before the hot summer months, we have a sample car wax that is ideal for you and your vehicle.