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Car Wax

The home of the car wax experts, we have a wax to suit any requirement, be it a daily driver or a Concours entry. Through our engineering and laboratory experience, we’ve sought out the finest refined ingredients and utilised them in innovative ways, providing you with some of the finest quality car waxes available.

We’ve combined intensive research with our extensive knowledge of ingredients to ensure you get the ultimate car wax. Whether it be a high gloss finish for a classic car or a durable protector for a four-wheel drive, you’ll find our car waxes do exactly what you expect.

Each car wax is blended in-house by ourselves. Each wax is different and has a unique set of characteristics, even down to the fragrance. 

Easy to apply, and hosting a plethora of benefits that nourish, protect and extend the life of your paintwork, our excellent car waxes are a pleasure to view and a pleasure to use.

Delivered in high-quality packaging, you’ll find Mitchell and King soon becomes a staple ingredient of your garage or studio.

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