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Pro Sealant Kit

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Professional Sealant Kit

  • Easy to apply 
  • Comes in Limited Edition Matte Black Display Box
  • Brass Plaque Detail
  • Outstanding gloss and beading
  • Long lasting
  • Resilient 
  • Includes 6 applicators3 Microfibre Cloths 
  • Pure, Bavaria, Seal, Heather & Vision
  • Over 8 months Protection!

Welcome to the most comprehensive sealant kit available, offering everything to protect both your paintwork and glass. 

The Pro Kit includes everything you need to get started! Firstly it includes Bavaria, our super wet gloss sealant. 

Firstly prepare the paintwork with Pure, our super easy and much-respected Paint Cleanser. This step cleans the paintwork and prepares it perfectly for Bavaria. 

Next , apply Bavaria step 1, simply pump 3 x 5mm dots of product onto a Microfibre applicator or dual action finishing pad and apply to the whole car. By the time you have finished the car the first section will be ready to remove. 

After this, repeat the above process for Bavaria step 2. Step 2 cures the sealant and the paintwork is now sealed from the weather. 

To increase gloss and longevity, spray Seal onto the paintwork and remove with one of the microfibre pads, a light spray is all it takes to ensure even coverage. Seal is as easy to use as our QD. 

Finally, Heather. Our heavy-duty high gloss car wax. Apply Heather with a microfibre pad and allow to stand for 30 minutes. Once cured, buff to a super high gloss and tough finish.

Your car can now withstand extreme cold and warm temperatures with ease. 

Only 7 of these kits have been allocated for this year, so please be fast to avoid disappointment. 

Thank you, John


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