Concours Spray

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Add a Concours Glow To Your Paint

  • Real Carnauba Inside!
  • Exceptionally Gloss & Warm Glow
  • 250ml to 5 Litre sizes
  • Super Easy To Use, Simply Spray & Wipe
  • Lovely water resistant, and a topup protection layer
  • Reduces risk to scratches when topping up the Carnauba Glow
  • Very glossy finish and suitable for all paint (except matte)

glace carnauba concours spray wax

Glace offers you a rich glow to any type of paintwork. Developed to help you achieve the best finish on your paint and to perfectly work alongside our natural waxes.

carnauba car wax spray

This is a Carnauba infused spray. You can use it to give your car a quick once over at a show. Glace can be used to help dry the car and add protection at the same time. You can even use this to dry the car after a downpour- especially if you have just waxed's happened to us all. 

carnauba car wax spray wax

We recommend using Glace in conjunction with Prive - our warmest concours wax yet :


Customer Reviews

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The increase in depth of shine is totally out of proportion to the effort required to achieve it ! I applied if on top of wax, that had already achieved a great gloss that I was satisfied with, to the extent I didn't think Glace could improve it any further. How wrong I was ! I also use it as a quick detailer to remove any water marks after rinsing. Absolutely awesome product !

The cherry on top

A luxury QD that’s a pleasure to use. I like this a lot.


Easy to use and glossy finish.


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