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Flexible Coating

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Atomic is a flexible coating developed with the natural wax user in mind. It moves with your car, ensuring less cracking and better coverage- not to mention ease of use. 

  • Enhances paint with a rich, dark shine
  • Perfect pre layer to your M&K wax
  • Makes every colour stand out and pop
  • Incredible gloss 
  • The easiest coating ever
  • 100% compatible with wax
  • Perfect pre-wax sealant
  • Flexible, ensuring less surface cracking and better durability
  • 1-2 Year Longevity
  • 50ml
  • Complimentary Applicator Pad & Cloth 
  • Suitable for Marine, Aviation and Automotive Application
  • Suitable for both Professionals and Enthusiasts

As far we are aware this is only coating developed with the wax user in mind. Groundbreaking development and research within Nanotechnology, more specifically Carbon Nano Ceramic Composites - quite a mouthful. Imagine the protection of a typical ceramic but the ease of use of a traditional sealant. These composites are much more forgiving in application and use than traditional ceramics, but still, offer the resilience of a glass coating.

This coating has major benefits such as being able to be used outside, extremely easy to apply. Very difficult to overapply or cause an uneven surface. 

The natural ability of this coating to make your paint appear richer due to the nature of the material used. 

As we know a car flex's during a normal days driving and this coating moves with the car, enhancing the longevity and the aesthetics. 

Join the fun and get your bottle today! Simply add to basket and then use our one step checkout - we accept quite a few different payment methods to ensure it's easy for you.

Thank you and enjoy! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Applied Atomic to a freshly washed and polished car, the shine and the ease of using Atomic makes it a winner in anyone's book.




It's really easy to work with, and it's a good performance.

Atomic Kuga

Applied via microfibre pad, a panel at a time; then buffed off. Easy on and very easy off. Excellent results.

Atomic is groundbreaking.

Applied to freshly polished black paint. I was working outside against the clock - light gradually failing, damp in the air. One panel at a time using a microfiber pad. Worked in easily. Then buffed off. So easy to use leaving an intense streak free shine with deep reflections. Next day, applied sparingly to super clean plastic trim. So easy. Darkened the trim slightly. Super product. Buy some!


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