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High Gloss Show Car Glaze

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Mitchell and Kings first ever glaze! 

  • 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml
  • Fills wash marring and fine cobwebs
  • Amazing gloss 
  • Super High Gloss Finish 
  • Perfect to top with wax
  • No Dust Formula
  • Exceptionally Easy To Use
  • Made In The U.K.

“Perfect shine in half the time!”

Cloak is a phenomenal filler polish and is perfect for when the weather is against you or just want that perfect shine.

High Gloss Filler

A high gloss filler polish such as this is just the ticket to increase your paint gloss and to preserve your paint. 

Non Abrasive, Preserves Your Paint

As you know, it isn't always practical or possible to correct your paint. Either due to the thickness of the paint or vintage. So Cloak is your ideal option to obtain a super high gloss finish, whilst retaining the original paint.

Apply Via Machine or By Hand, Dust Free Formula 

Apply via a dual action or by microfibre applicator and experience the extreme shine, allow to cure and then buff off. Cloak is the easiest product to use, so if you find the Microfibre being grabby, please leave it a little longer to cure. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beautiful Shine

I used Cloak after Pure and before waxing the car and it did a terrific job of filling in some very fine swirls. The paint felt really slick and very glossy. Application on and off was very easy, especially wiping it off. Wished I had ordered a larger bottle.



Cloak wax filler

Baught this for my daughters car which is black cleaned all the car first used a Mitchell and king 5inch duel action polisher with is medium cut polish because it had a few light scratches on it cleaned it again let it dry out used the cloak and the paintwork looks like brand new very impressed with all is liquids wot I have used so far and the 5inch polishing machine is very good machine especially for the money with a 2year guarantee when weather gets a bit better here going to finish car of with is new wax+ all done then thanks again John for all your information about all your products daughters very happy and she thanks you as well will be getting some more products shortly we'll worth the money cheers


Brilliant glossy shine. I will be getting more when the time comes.

Cloak's magic

So I decided to try this out on my swirly door pillars as I didn't have time to break out the machine. What can I say - took seconds to apply & left the pillars looking great. Topped off with Seal & looking great


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