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Car Detailing Bucket & Lid (Optional Grit Guard)


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Heavy Duty, Sturdy, Robust, Impact Resistant Wash Bucket.

  • Volume Indications On Side 
  • Premium Quality PPC Construction 
  • Semi Transparent Bucket 
  • Light Colour, Ensuring You Can Spot Grit/Dirt Inside
  • Tight Fitting Lid 
  • Better Stress Resistance & Toughness
  • Excellent Performance At Low Temperatures
  • ReInforced Lid Mount
  • Thicker Metal Handle 

If you are looking for a good quality, solid and reliable car detailing bucket, let me introduce you to our new product! 

Our bucket is a high-quality PPC, polypropylene co-polymer that can absorb some of the impacts that a bucket will typically endure.  Copolymers have better stress and crack resistance coupled with low-temperature toughness. In real life, this translates to taking a cold bucket from the garage and filling it with hot water, the integrity is tougher than an HDPE equivalent. 

All of this adds up to creating a heavy duty, sturdy, robust, impact resistant wash bucket. The exact characteristics which we look for when choosing our wash buckets. 

With markings on the side up to 25L making it easy to know EXACTLY how much water is inside. This, in turn, lets you decide the precise volume of water you want to use, making ratios of shampoo much easier to calculate.

When you lift this bucket you realise the quality of the materials used as the sides of the bucket do not sag or move whilst transporting the water, they are strong and solid. 

Furthermore, this bucket comes with a high-quality lid and the option of a grit guard too. 


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Detailing Bucket

High quality bucket which is a great size for doing 2BM. I also like the lid which fits well and stops airborne dirt from contaminating the wash water when not in use. Another quality product from M&K


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