Glass Protection and Rain Repellent

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Glass Protection and Rain Repellent

Introducing our fantastic Vision, an easy to apply and long lasting rain repellent.

Tired of difficult or time consuming glass coatings ? What about one which you spray and wipe ? It couldn't be easier. 

We all know that glass visibility is so important during any season. Imagine pollen which doesn't stick to your glass or snow which is easier to remove ! 

Vision is your key to perfectly clear glass. The fact that you can literally use Vision in the same way you would a normal glass cleaner is even better. Gone are the days of waiting for a repellent to cure or needing special lighting. Our rain repellent makes all of that obsolete. 

I know that you'd rather be waxing or driving your car rather than adding more and more coatings, so we made sure this was a spray and wipe - just like our renowned Quick Detailing spray. 

Vision will make your glass easier to clean and keep clean, reducing smearing and making bird bombs and insects residue a thing of the past.

Vision can be successfully layered and is so easy to apply, literally spray on and wipe off, you will find yourself layering at any opportunity.

Purchase yours today, you'll be glad you did. 


Customer Reviews

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Life Saver

Vision was a real life saver when I got caught at night in a very severe thunderstorm. The water blew and rolled off the windshield thus helping the wipers and allowing me to see better than just using the wipers alone. It was also very easy to apply, no hard rubbing or buffing to remove like some other products can be. Definitely a keeper in my arsenal.


It's really awesome! I highly recommend.


Quality rain repellent that doesn’t need to cure making it so easy to use also keeps glass frost free over the winter months and easier to to clean.


Fantastic product, much better than auto gym fast glass and that's something I do know, will buy more of this

Seeing is believing

Easily the simplest screen coating I have used to date. And working a treat so far.


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