Heavy Duty Cutting Compound

Heavy Duty Cutting Compound

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Heavy Duty Cutting Compound, For Deep Scratches and Swirls

Remove Wet Sanding & Pig Tails


  • Safe for use with dual action, rotary and hybrid polishers and by hand.
  • Fast Acting, low dust
  • Easy On/Off Formula
  • Easy to dispense
  • Numbered labelling, for ease of use.
  • Remove wet sanding, cobwebs and wash marring easily
  • Special Introductory offer!! 

Heavy Duty Compound (1) - This is our, as the name suggests, heavy duty cutting compound/polish. Ideally, this compound will be used on a car with relatively severe swirls or wet sanding marks. 

It's fast acting a low dust formulae make it a favourite with our pro detailers and enthusiasts around the world.

To download a PDF Version of our Pad & Polish Chart, please visit 



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Heavy duty compound

Yet again Mitchell & King come up trumps, with an other superb product, does a fabulous job, and very easy to use, excellent


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