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POP! One For All

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POP! was a popular wax last year so we have relaunched it again with a twist, each blend is now individual, meaning it offers you different characteristics and every size is a limited production.

Yellow is great for light coloured cars, offers protection of 3+ months and has a delicious chocolate fragrance.

Orange is for medium to dark colour cars and offer exceptionally wet gloss and it smells of deliciously oven fresh cookies.

Green is for cars with lots of metallic flake and offers staggering clarity, it smells of fresh apples. 

Each POP! arrives numbered and signed by John, you also have the option of having your name printed on the label of the 50ml sizes and above.

This Year we only have the following available; 

Each POP! will feature your name and your unique blend number for 2018. You can also add a matching SPA and QD which will also feature your name and unique blend number.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
“POP” for a reason

This wax is responsible for my M&K addiction! It does what it says on the tin literally makes your paintwork “POP” leaving a fantastic finish. It’s so easy to apply and smells great.

I can see why it's called POP!

What can I say? The little black car I used this on has never looked so good. Open the jar and first thing you notice is the lovely smell.
Swipe the applicator into the amazing creation and start applying and you'll find it's a super easy to apply wax - really easy to get a nice thin coating.
I left it cure for about 30 mins and it buffed off so easily leaving a wonderfully deep finish......and the flake really does pop. Truly a wonderful finish and a wonderful wax.

Rich Clarity

First mitchel and King purchase and it won't be the last what an incredible wax very easy is apply a thin uniform coat 👌 once the wax had cured I buffed off to reveal what can only be described as phenomenonal my car is 12 years old the flake pop was incredible the car looked rich in clarity with some awesome flake pop I spent 5 mins just walking around the car admiring it!!! Stunning result

Tony Cohan

It really does make the paintwork Pop, smells amazing and so easy to use.


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