Dark & Reflective

Finland; Dark, Rich Gloss and Chrome Reflection.

Finland is a very rich car wax and is packed with skin nourishing oils. 

Bursting with fresh natural ingredients, Finland will make you solid or metallic paint shine. 

Finland will suit any owner who is looking for a very rich gloss whilst maintaining the reflections. 

To apply simply take a microfibre applicator pad and apply a small amount of wax to a 1/3 of the pad, then apply straight to the car. This technique ensures even coverage and makes for a good curing time of around 30 minutes. Gently remove the first layer and allow the newly presented layer to cure for a further 20 minutes. Following the car round with some QD will ensure a flawless finish. 

It is a stunning wax and would be a great addition to any collection !

For the 200ml jar you receive a Blue Jar with a Blue wax and White lid and has a cranberry fragrance.

The 100ml jar is a heavy base frosted jar and includes the blue wax. Please note this jar is not coloured.

What's in the box 

For the 200ml you receive a 200ml wax and our well known welcome kit. Which consists of a mug, irn bru, biscuits, 15ml car wax, 30ml liquid and a sticker. 

For the 100ml wax it is delivered in safe packaging with a personalised label


As with all waxes at Mitchell and King, we will use the Interlink/DPD delivery network within Europe. DPD offer a 1 hour delivery window and those of you familiar with this, will agree that it is one of the most accurate and reliable couriers within the industry. If you have any specific questions please email and we will assist you. 

UPS for America and our new fully tracked service for the South Korea. 

Other countries will be either UPS or FedEx, so you can trust your wax is in safe hands. 

Each service is fully tracked and you will get an estimated time of delivery.

How To Order ; 

Simply select add to cart and follow our secure checkout or if you prefer we can receive orders via telephone & email 

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Type: Country Car Wax


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deep Gloss

This is the first Mitchell and King wax I have used and I have to say I am very impressed. It spreads on the car extremely well, and once buffed produces a deep shine that seems to get better after 1-2 days. The wax also produces excellent beading, essential when the wet weather sets in!

Finland wax

I had this as a sample,I waxed the car and left to cure whilst the wheels were treated removed the wax and ooh boy what a finish ! My neighbour said the the car looked really good, I finished the wheels and after 20 mins went back over the car with QD, my neighbour said that is the best he had seen the car look, really glossy and mirror like, almost wet looking. Thanks Mitchell and king

Stunning Finish

Purchased a small jar of this as an introduction to Mitchell and King , Not disappointed.
Could not wait to try so the first day of dry weather decided to try over the cars bonnet. Admittedly it does need some corrective machine work upon it but that is for another day.
The wax went on with ease , spreading thinly with no isssues. Easy to remove afterwards even ithough a summer stquall blew in whilst curing. Lovely levels of reflections and gloss with really nice beading qualities , as the photo shows after drying to half of the bonnet this morning as rained again through the night - can't wait to see t in full sunlight.
A wax worth having ,buy,buy,buy (I know I will be again)

Awesome wax

I bought this to go on my dark blue car.
This was the first time i have used a Mitchell and King wax and I was truly blown away by the finish it gave.
Application is very easy as a little goes a long way. Once i was done it looked like i hadn't even touched the jar.
I left the wax to cure for 30 minutes as per the instructions, removed first layer and waited a further 20 mins and sprayed a small amount of QD to remove the rest of the wax.
The finish it has left is nothing short of breathtaking. Deep wet gloss, extremely reflective and again as John has put in the description a chrome like finish. I will send John some pictures as the finish has to be seen to be believed.
This has left me very impressed with Mitchell and King waxes and I am sure I will try many more in the future.
This could well be my favourite wax now.


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