The Perfect Artisan

Gloss, Depth and Protection

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You could have just found the perfectly balanced Artisan Wax.

The first thing that you will notice when you apply Carmen is how well it spreads over your paintwork.

We really feel we have the perfect balance with Carmen, it offers fantastic rich gloss, due to the artisanal qualities of the ingredients we have blended. Nearly every car owner wants gloss in copious amounts.

In addition, when you remove Carmen you will notice how deep the paintwork looks, again testament to our rigurous selection method and the quality of ingredients we use.

carmen car wax

Finally, the water behaviour of Carmen is exactly what you would expect from a wax with such good credentials. The beads of water flow off the slick paintwork with ease which helps to reduce water spotting and ensures the paintwork is as free of above surface contaminants as possible.

Carmen is a fine example of the perfect balance for many car enthusiasts. Offering what some may regard as the optimal balance of gloss, depth and longevity whilst leaving your fingers to touch the silky soft finish.


Inca; Superb Wet Gloss

Natalia; Excellent for darker paintwork, pleasant beading and rich gloss.

Aztec; Mirror Finish, fast sheeting

Simone ; Clarity and Reflections

Feliciana ; Sharp reflections, silvery shimmer

Carmen ; Gloss, Depth and Protection

Vito ; Clear coat enhancing, luxuriously smooth

Collections: Archive Blends

Type: Artisan


Customer Reviews

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Smells Devine, Super Glossy

I used Carmen wax i received a a gift with an order i placed so easy to use smells devine a little goes along way and leaves a super glossy wet finish top quality wax if you have'nt tried it i suggest you do you won't be disappointed

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