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Highly reflective and hydrophobic

Aztec, a unique blend of ancient lands

Welcome to a world of fine car wax production, Aztec, is a luxurious blend of natural oils and waxes, which delivers a unique finish.

Your nose will take you on a journey through the Sicilian hills, where you will experience the ripe citrus fruits which this Island is famous for, next you encounter barbados where a freshly sliced coconut will tickle your nose, taking you to your final destination of sheer indulgence, the arrival in central America where you will enjoy the rich cocoa fragrance.

Our creations encapsulate a unique atmosphere, exciting the senses whilst you apply your luxury car wax, our car waxes are chosen to protect the most exclusive vehicles around the world.

Boasting 60% T1 content, this wonderful wax is imported from north eastern Brazil and is hand blended with a variety of complimentary luxurious ingredients which arrive from around the world such as Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Aztec is an example of Mitchell and King's expertise which demonstrates the compatibility of ancient, exotic ingredients. The exotic ingredients have produced a car wax which is unique and highly notable.

Aztec offers round beading and fast sheeting, however, the highly reflective coating which is left behind will truly demonstrate that it is no ordinary wax.

We hope you enjoy this wax as much as we have. Please note, each Aztec blend is individually produced and poured.


Inca; Clarity

Natalia; Excellent for darker paintwork, pleasant beading and rich gloss.

Aztec; Mirror Finish, fast sheeting

Simone ; Clarity and Reflections

Feliciana ; Sharp reflections, silvery shimmer

Carmen ; Depth of colour and Reflective Gloss

Vito ; Clear coat enhancing, luxuriously smooth


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Wax Ive Used!

I applied this to my imperial blue Bmw 335 and was surprised how easy it was to apply. The end result was a mirror finish. It looked better then when I bought it!


Just put the second coat of Aztec on my electric blue mini cooper and have to say im very impressed. The wax is easy to apply and take off and it gives an excellent wet look shine.

Excellent finish

Very impressed with this product and the finish it left was excellent


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