1:100 Ultra Concentrated Solution

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Hydrophobic Rinse Aid - brand new super strength 1:100!!

  • 1000ml & 5 litre
  • Effectively Gets Rid Of Pooling Water
  • Dry Your Car Safely
  • Gentle, Doesn't Damage Wax Coating
  • Displaces Large Amounts Of Water Quickly
  • Hydrophobic Coating Remains After Drying
  • High Dilution Ratio 1:100
  • Comes full strength, you can dilute 1:100
  • 10ml per 1000ml 

A car detailing rinse aid is a phenomenal assistant when drying your car, it reduces the amount you touch your car- thus reducing wash marring.

Simply wash your car as normal, hose off the residual soap and then spray your diluted Rinse and watch the water disperse. Each droplet of Rinse forces water from the paintwork. You can buff off the water to present a lovely hydrophobic rinse air.

The perfect addition for any enthusiast or professional. 

Wash the car as normal, rinse the shampoo to avoid drying and then spray the car down with the diluted Rinse : prepare the solution before you rinse the car as this will avoid water sitting on the paint for any longer than needed. Then simply dry the car as normal. If you do panel by panel just spray the paintwork once you've rinsed off the shampoo. 

Rinse is safe on all exterior surfaces, we recommend keeping it away from windscreens as it may smear. For windscreens always use a specific rain repellent such as Vision which is made for glass and is non smear. 


Customer Reviews

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Rinse is a great product, It work s well.

Time saver

Used Rinse today, good results, was unsure what to expect but it did exactly as it says, good dilution ratio 20/1 so will definitely use again and again it was a pity it snowed after drying. I Have more products to try, just need the weather to be on my side.

Very pleased.

Fast delivery, great service and a quality liquid.
What more do you need??


Simply spray and watch as water starts running off the car.


Another fantastic product from Mitchell and King.
An excellent time saving spray , goes on easily with the supplied quality trigger spray , you can literally see pools of water disappearing in front of you ,it makes drying the car so much quicker with even less effort.
Great value as well when you consider the dilution rate. A great addition to anyone's detailing kit.


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