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Quick Release Kit Midi

Conversion Kit With Gun & Jets

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The Compact Foam Gun

  • Features NEW!! Quick Release Action
  • Quick Release Module Which Comes With 5 Nozzles
  • Compatible With Any Pressure Washer 
  • Massive 3000 psi limit 
  • Foam Lance & 1L bottle 
  • Karcher Fitment

Clean your car with ease this Winter with our new super easy maneuverable snow foam gun. 

This kit is plug and play, it requires no modification of your current pressure washer.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very Impressed

Bought this a couple of weeks ago and used it today for the first time. Have to say, like all things from M&K it did not dissappoint. The midi lance is effective and fantastic for its ease if use. Haven’t tried all the jets yet but very happy with the ones I did. The foam lance was brilliant. I had perviously just been using the one that came with my Karcher but this one from M&K was simply in a different league ue and combined with the midi lance just made things so much easier. Measured the amount of snowfoam using the measures on the foam lance, clipped it on, small adjustment on the dial and away I went. Very happy with it. Unfortunately I didnt use the M&K snowfoam today, only reason being was that I took the bottle of the shelf in the garage, put in on the floor whilst I reached up to get the midi lance, stumbled and stood on the bottle which cracked it and put the contents al over the garage floor. Stoopid I know but that part of the floor is now very clean 😄. So, am very pleased with fhe midi kit and highly recommend it.

Brilliant !

A very well made and thought out lance,the nozzles are different colours so at a glance you can tell which one you're using,they also have a good range of sizes for the water fans.Another item worth mentioning is the adaptor to fit the original lance, accurately made so fits perfectly first time without binding.
It's very easy to see why these sell out so quickly,grab one when you can as they're a must have !

Quick release kit midi

Bought this as I needed a new snow foam gun the lance is a brilliant idea with the quick release end and the different nozzles are great and really easy to swap between each other and a lot more pressure than my standard karcher lance and a good choice of different spray patterns really like this it's so simple to use and such a clever idea.

Amalfi wax

My car look fantastic after use the Amalfi wax. I get a lot of praise on the car meet. The best wax I have use.

Midi but Mighty

Having received this just before going on holiday had to wait to use it , now I have very happy I finally purchased it from John.
The lance element has reinvigorated life into Emmy pressure washer with good choices of spray heads and the foam gun works excellantluy. Fittings are high quality and have a very nice positive action , if you have not got one once back in stock well worth the purchase price. Top marks.


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