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Gentle Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

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Rejuvinate your upholstery and join the Supercar owners who turn to our creations
  • 250ml/500ml/1Litre
  • Safe and Gentle
  • Undiluted
  • Multi purpose
  • Not for use on Alcantara

Over time your upholstery can lose its lustre and general day-to-day grime can reduce the aesthetics of your interior.

Thread is highly concentrated allowing for multiple dilution ratios dependant on the severity of the stain. Detergent based using traditional ingredients Thread will prove a key role within your cockpit cleansing routine. Whether it is a simple wipe down to remove weekly traffic grime or a deep cleanse, Thread is currently used by many of the best detailers in the world.

Using our optimum upholstery cleaner to its maximum performance is simple. Firstly, pre mix the solution to your required dilution in the Mixer bottle (available separately) with sparkling water. Spritz a small area to test for colour fastness, many carpets or interiors have been dyed over the years to a less than satisfactory quality. After the initial test you may proceed, again spritz the affected area(s) and leave to dwell for a short period. Begin to work the area with a purpose designed brush which is suitable for your upholstery, we recommend the use of an upholstery wet and dry vacuum to remove all traces of suds. To increase the level of penetration please use carbonated water, the bubbles will assist in the penetration of the cleaning solution.

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