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Plug In Air Freshener

CE, CTS and RoHS certified

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  • 5 Times The Strength Of Room Sprays! 
  • Luxury Fragrance For Your Home
  • Innovative Fragrances
  • Fill Your Home With Luxury 
  • Plug In & Go 
  • Refills Available
  • Great Longevity 

The Finest Luxury, Home Air Freshener - all of your favourites.

Cologne for your home...

"A stunning fragrance that just keeps getting compliments and lasts for a long time, just hide your bottle so others don't ask for a spray! Good luck in selecting your fragrance, it took me over an hour to decide!" - Jamie S

Let's start by looking at the fragrances, a great choice, the scents are unsurpassed and not unlike what the great perfumers around the world would utilise.

This is available in an utterly divine range of fragrances which are safe for use in your home. 

Many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of an air freshener which offers the fragrance of an Eau de Toilette. Simply plug in the air freshener and switch it on...that's it! I have a selection of fragrances for use in the home. 

To order, simply select your fragrance from the drop down menu.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic grade air fresheners, some of which are allergen free. All of our fragrances utilise natural oils and only use the finest fragrance molecules, much like you would find in luxurious designer fragrances.

We have two brand new kits available! Take a look; 

Please click here to visit Royal Collection (set of 3):




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