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Welcome to Mitchell and King LTD

Mitchell and King is trusted by our clients world-wide to blend car wax for some of the most notable cars to grace our roads. We specialise in bespoke car wax which makes certain that your car wax is a perfect match for both, your paint system and lifestyle. Your car wax is hand blended on commission to ensure the perfect harmony of excellence and destinction. Your car wax is individually crafted by our chief artisan, who only blends one car wax at a time. We uphold exacting standards and have the ability to dip into our heritage blends which offers you a wide choice of important factors which help to engineer the final creation. Essentially Mitchell and King is a marriage of comprehensive, indepth development and a life time passion which delivers all that you would expect of a luxury establishment.

Montgomery - Ultimate Gloss

Are you searching for a high gloss car wax ? Many of the most notable cars which grace our roads have been "out-of-hours" pro...

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Philip - Clarity

Paint Protection Created by John R. P. Johnstone, Utilised by Connoisseurs Around The World Welcome to a paint protection syst...

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Daytona - Metallic Paints

Car wax for new cars Daytona is a car wax for new cars. As you can see from the image of the McLaren above Daytona can offer e...

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Bespoke Car Wax Blend

Bespoke blending is the only way to ensure individuality. Bespoke blending is the pinnacle of flagrantly, an exquisite car wax tailo...

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ArmourV3 - Winter Car Wax

Long Lasting Winter Car Wax Armour is a long lasting car wax for winter which uses an innovative formula. Mitchell and King ha...

Based on 4 reviews.
Rannoch -  Gloss & Protection

A fine balance of Gloss and Protection Quick Read Blended for a Ferrari 250 GTO Compliments solid cars L...

Based on 3 reviews.
Elegance V2 - Aesthetics

Twenty Six Time Winner. Blended Specifically For Concours d'Elegance Events. Securing Titles At The Highest Level. Elegance is...

Based on 1 reviews.
ArmourV2 - Winter Wax

Winter Car Wax Presenting our winter car wax, best suited to cars which are used on a daily basis, whether you are a city dweller o...

Based on 5 reviews.
Octane - Octane Magazine

Octane Car Wax - 100 Octane is a wax which we specifically blended for the readers of Octane magazine. Octane is strictly lim...

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Blanc - White Cars

Car Wax for White Cars Blanc is the best M&K option wax for white cars, as it has been specifically blended to enhance whi...

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Pioneer - Discovery

Car Wax Perfectly Matched To Your Car Pioneer is aptly named as it represents a milestone in our heritage. Mitchell and K...

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Targa Florio - Car Wax for a Modern Maserati

Car Wax Blended for the Owner of a Maserati 100ml Blend of natural oils and waxes Personalised to your Maser...

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Bond - Car Wax for an Aston Martin

Car Wax for an Aston Martin Bond is a car wax which is specifically blended for a modern Aston Martin. Your Aston Martin ...

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Quattro - Car Wax for an Audi

Quattro – Car Wax for an Audi 100ml Blend of natural oils and waxes Personalised to your Audi Suitab...

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Stuttgart - Car Wax for a Modern Porsche

The only car wax specifically designed for your Porsche. 100ml Blend of natural oils and waxes Personalised ...

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Carina Introducing Carina, a car wax blend which offers it's carer a rich, dark luxurious finish.  Carina is blended...

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Feliciana Introducing Feliciana, a car wax blend which offers it's carer a glass like, silvery shimmer.  Feliciana i...

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Aztec, a unique blend of ancient lands Welcome to a world of fine car wax production, Aztec, is a luxurious blend of natural o...

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A natural blend of tropical ingredients Maintain your vehicle with a blend of car wax , which is inspired by tropics. A world ...

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Vito: Clarity, with astonishing clear coat enhancement. This wax can offer the illusion of an enhanced clear coat due to the ...

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Welcome to Mitchell and King LTD
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