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Discover the Detailing Products and Car Wax you deserve, an experience only the beholder can explain. Our notable customer service is delivered by our talented and professional staff who make certain that your experience is distinguished, proficient and peerless. Your detailing products or car wax are shipped via UPS and we offer one step checkout. From £14.95

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Supercar Sourcing

Utilising the Mitchell and King group to source your next vehcile will make the best of your personal time, we have a variety of options for sourcing and have secured some of the most exclusive and rare vehicles to grace our roads.

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Bespoke Car Wax

Our bespoke car wax section is an area of the online store where there are no limitations. You can design both the car wax and enclosure to your specification. Whether you prefer an alloy or a semi-precious metal we can facilitate your dream.

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Luxury Car Wax

This section demonstrates our comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of development and craftsmanship. We offer car wax backed by extensive scientific research and on-going development to make certain that your car wax is optimised. Furthermore, these luxury items are recognised by luxury establishments who wish a distinguished creation which is offers a flawless finish.

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Specific Car Wax

In this section of our online store you will discover car wax which compliments your paint perfectly. Don't worry if we don't stock it, simply fill in the request form and we will build your very own bespoke blend. The paint types on cars vary depending on the year of manufacture and the marque. Prices from £150.00

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Detailing Products

Just like you, we enjoy keeping our vehicles clean. The products must be safe for you and your car. We offer some of the most uncompromising and notable detailing products which are individually bottled and signed off. This section is home to our popular SPA (car shampoo), Aura (cockpit fragrance) alongside all other complimentary liquids. Trusted by experts and crafted by skilled artisans. From £14.95

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Detailing Gifts and Kits

The easiest way to purchase a gift for your partner, loved one or friend.



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Visit our online store, which offers delivery via UPS and a secure One Step checkout. Our store is home to car wax ranging from £30.00 and detailing products which start at £14.95

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Blend Your Own Car Wax

Blend a car wax which is bespoke to your own car, with the assistance of our chief artisan. Your car wax is specifically blended to your specification.

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Find A Detailer

Have you car professionally detailed by one of our approved detailers. Simply click on the image and enter your postcode.

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